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Affiliate Program
Why are Vertera products so well-digested and hypoallergenic?

The primary objective of our company is to provide people with an essential vitamin and mineral complex, which our ancestors received from plants, berries, and mushrooms. All our products are based on natural raw materials harvested in preserved natural areas of the Tver Oblast located near the Lake Seliger, the so-called "cradle of Russian nature." We source laminaria in the deep waters of the White Sea, rich in valuable natural minerals. That is why our products are extremely delicate, perfectly absorbed by the human body and hypoallergenic as they do not contain any synthetic allergenic chemicals. Our products are made of naturally sourced ingredients that cannot provoke rejection at all.

How to start a wellness program with Vertera products? Our key product, Vertera Laminaria Gel, simultaneously accomplishes two essential functions in the health improvement process: it properly nourishes and cleanses our cells. In other words, it provides your body with the valuable ingredients for the growth and proper functioning of its cells and removes harmful and ballast substances. Therefore, we suggest undergoing the Vertera Gel course first to initiate the process of cellular composition renewal. Depending on your age, weight and health condition, it can include an average of 2–3 jars of natural gel according to the recommended daily dose indicated on the product packaging.

After that, you should start targeted intake of products that meet specific needs of your body. Our studies have shown that the most reasonable way is to take several products at the same time while selecting those with natural formulas containing substances that support the cardiovascular system and optimize the neuromechanisms, which, in turn, maintain the natural anatomy and physiology of your joints, muscles and endocrine system.

Each vitamin has several naturally occurring forms, however only one of them can be synthesized by men yet. Natural vitamins are more varied and beneficial than the artificially recreated ones and, besides, they are better digested. Vertera products contain minerals in their organic form to be easier processed by the body, that is why there are no counterindications for the products because they have been created by nature itself.

​What is the difference between Vertera products and vitamin and mineral complexes sold in pharmacies?

Several types of each vitamin are found in nature, but factories around the world can synthesize only one of these forms. Natural vitamins are richer than synthetic ones. Besides, they are better digested. Vertera products contain organic minerals. That is why they are well digested and have no contraindications — they are creations of nature.

Can I take Vertera products with prescribed medicines?

Yes, you can. Our products are 100% natural, well digested and hypoallergenic.

Since our products do not contain any synthetic allergenic chemicals, they do not cause adverse events when taken with medical drugs.

What are the benefits of Vertera Laminaria Gel?

Every day our body needs over 600 different nutrients: vitamins, minerals, micro- and macroelements. Scientists have proven that most of them are contained in laminaria. In addition, our laminaria gel is much better digested than the plant itself or the powder made of it as the colloid formula of the gel is close to blood plasma in the composition and structure. The body digests over 90% of valuable substances from the gel and just 13% of them from tablets and powders.

Plant fibres in the laminaria gel have ion exchange properties. No plant above ground have similar qualities! This means that Vertera Gel is a unique 2-in-1 product: it removes all the waste from the body, cleanses the cells and then fuses them with all essential substances!

How can I become a member of the Vertera Affiliate Program??

How can I become a member of the Vertera Affiliate Program? To join the Vertera Affiliate Program and start earning, click the “Partner Account” button in the upper right corner of our website. Then fill in the registration form (all fields are mandatory; your password must contain at least 8 symbols and one capital Latin letter) and click “Become a Partner”.

​How can I upload documents when concluding an Affiliate Agreement with Vertera?

To conclude an Affiliate Agreement, go to your Account and then to the “Affiliate Agreement” section. There you can find detailed information on the Affiliate Agreement.

Click the "Select File" button located opposite the line "Signed Copy of Application" to upload a scanned copy of the application from your computer, then click "Send".

Click the "Select File" button located opposite the line "Copy of Passport" to upload a scanned copy of your passport, then click "Send". The uploaded file size should not exceed 2 MB.

What does the name Vertera mean and how can it be translated?

The company name reflects our essence. “Verte” means “turn the page, start from scratch”. “Ra” is the ancient name of the Volga river. Our manufacturing facilities are located near the head of this river. “Vert-Terra” is also translated as “green planet”, the symbol of abundance and the very life.

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